SEC Companies’ Filing RSS


This is a simple application to help you quickly see company’s filings recorded in the US SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) web site.
Once you find a filing that you would like to read, click on it to go to the SEC web site and read.

This app is still in development process. Right now you can:

1. Use a predefined list of companies.
2. Add to, or Delete from that list.
3. Receive notification when a company in your list filed in the SEC.
4. Use “+” button to add a company (not just long click).
5. Add “Ticker” info in “Add new company” screen.
6. See additional information like Stock price and change %, 5 top earners, Officers & Directors and their CV.
7. Adjustment to tablets.
8. Nick name and Ticker edit capabilities.

Additional capabilities will be added in the future (like: Edit, Use of company CIK, XBRL comparison …).

Please email with issues you fined before leaving less then 5 stars.

Instructions on how to add a company:

1. Click on the Plus sign or long-click on the screen.

2. Type the company name, or part of it and click SEARCH.

3. Select the required company (the CIK number will show in the field above).

4. Click SAVE and type the company Nick name and the Ticker.

5. Click OK.


2014-07-19 19.51.07 2014-07-19 20.37.03 2014-08-20 19.25.10 Screenshot_2014-10-19-20-20-46 Screenshot_2014-10-19-20-21-15 Screenshot_2014-10-19-20-21-30 Screenshot_2014-10-19-20-23-10 Screenshot_2014-10-19-21-39-27 Screenshot_2014-10-19-21-39-33 Screenshot_2014-10-19-21-40-04 Screenshot_2014-10-19-21-40-32 Screenshot_2014-10-19-21-40-36 Screenshot_2014-10-19-21-40-45


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